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Owen Badham

3D artist and games designer



Building better worlds:

Games are the perfect expression of our culture and I have dedicated my adult life to understanding these enigmatic artifacts. As a 3D asset artist I belive my role is to create, with in each asset, a story that links back to the whole. Working with the rest of my team to create a meaningful holistic experience for players.




3D Asset Creation

Characters, Organics and Mesh Kits

Environment Design/building

Practiced with UE4 and Unity

Game Theory Specialist

Highly skilled in play and player philosophy


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Current and Previous Work

Professional Experience

March 2018 - present

Junior 3D Character Artist - Oakmoon Games

As a junior Character Artist I had to make assets to a design brief, learning the in house style while improving my own knowledge of anatomy and 3D modeling software.

June 2015 - July 2015

3D artist 'Escape station' - SoftApps

As the main 3D artist on this small project I was responsible for designing and building the visual look and style for an experimental VR project.

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